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What we Provide? Our Services:
Customer Facilities

We have a ridiculously liberal return policy: We don’t want your money if you’re not happy with your works.

Passionate about what we do, we labor to satisfy our Clients to the fullest extent possible. Customer–centric, we attach importance to the level of devotion towards Client-partnerships. We harness all our efforts to build strong and long-standing relationships with our customers. Through sincere application of talent, commitment and hard work, we strive to provide our customers our best. Indeed, we always live up to our motto – “We are customers first.

Our Customer helpline proved over the years for providing professional and prompt customer response, and doing the impossible to find the best solutions for its clients. Our contact numbers are reachable worldwide and open to any questions and concerns regarding all the services offered through our website.

The superficial and immediate solution to solve the customer’s problem. We always solve the development criticisms finding a deeper solution to prevent this particular problem from ever happening again.

We deal with following Customer Facilities:

  • Fastest Delivery
  • User-friendly Applications
  • Least Value
  • Latest Technologies
  • Service Excellency 
  • Local & Outsourcing
  • Online Support
  • Live Software Correction
Plus any other you need

Need Help? Just Call: 01714070637 (Dhaka), 01817251582 (Chittagong)


After Sales-Service Facilities

You will get full free support as per agreement for the software you purchased from us. In addition some unlikely event you have a problem with our software and it's affecting your business we put the utmost effort into providing you with a permanent resolution as quickly as possible at no cost to you! We fix the bugs in our software at our expense, not your expense! In fact we go further than that, When your purchased software expires its support period you actually have to pay for modification or upgradation to your software.

Staff Facilities

We pride ourselves on our talented and professional team, positive and productive culture. We have a diverse team and expertise.

Extreme employs special retention, motivational and talent management programs. Rapid re-skilling and skills upgrade enable each employee to keep in pace with technology updatation. A structured career path alongwith opportunities for overseas placements help employees to gain a rewarding professional life. We are committed to offering a bouquet of benefits and compensation package.

Written by: Md. Akter Uddin