CSR Projects


Our CSR Activities:
1. Buy Books for poor students
2. Old Laptop giveaway
We pride to ourselves for our CSR . We are trying to give our best to society. Being a human we have a social responsibilities. Might be we are not doing well, But we try.
We already provide book for those meritorious students whose have latent talent. We are trying to make their dream fulfil. Lackings of Financial stability who cannot buy bok for contuning study in future we will be happy to stand beside them. For over some years we started to buy books and contribute between poor talented students.
Now a days, For startup technology is the best field to prove anyone capability. But, many more dreams are hanging for just a little help. We are standing beside those starter and we start to give away our old Laptop. It is a path they can walk towards to build their career.
Extreme Solutions is mainly a software Company. We are trying to do our best to society.

Software company in Bangladesh Extreme Solutions
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