Quality Assurance

EXTREME SOLUTIONS is committed to exceeding customer expectations by maintaining quality standards in supplying products and services that are reliable, meet functional requirements and are delivered on time. TEAM EXTREME is dedicated to the continuous improvement of quality system through measurement, analysis, and actions.


At EXTREME SOLUTIONS the management and the employees are committed to secure a long-term partnership with customers by providing world-class solutions and services. For that we maintain a productive work environment by establishing a performance-based culture which is also transparent from the customer ends as well. All the work activities are reported to the respective customer on a daily basis to ensure and keep up-to-date about his projects work progress. Focusing on managing, leading and developing people resulting in proactive employees, positive management, and high performing team, ensuring that- standards are met for before and after-sales services. 
Our team dives into every customer business goal and selects the most suitable solution to make it successful. Operational secrecy and customers data privacy are viewed as very essential to our software system. TEAM EXTREME is committed to providing high-level of corporate systems protection and highly flexible processes that are clear and transparent to every customer.
As striving to continuously improve processes and performance, our aim is to achieve CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001 Certification very soon.

Quality Assurance Methodology

As a technology-oriented company, specializing in the delivery of full-cycle application development and QA services, we have a preference for facts. We have over a decade of experience in building in-house teams and using the latest technology- such as software crowdsourcing and virtual testing environments. In the end, what's become clear to our team is that no amount of financial arbitrage or technical shenanigans can beat a software firm that's professional, diligent and focused on results. 
At EXTREME SOLUTIONS, we apply both domain-specific and client-tailored development and testing methods and tools to ensure software products of reliable and consistent quality. All projects follow a well-defined software development planning process, which involves- detailed estimations, risk planning, software configuration planning, quality planning and resource planning. 
A team of software engineering department is primarily responsible to conduct regular audits and reviews in the projects for ensuring compliance to organization standards. They are also responsible for documentation of requirements, early detection of problems and providing operational training to users. In corroboration of the Quality goals, EXTREME SOLUTIONS has a well-structured Quality Management System having a strong process comprising of Procedures, Guidelines, and Standards.
EXTREME SOLUTIONS is always proactive to combine the advantages and best practices of all of the methodologies standards for creating an efficient, transparent, predictable, and controllable process.

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