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Mobile App Development Cost in Bangladesh
EXTREME SOLUTIONS is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Bangladesh for fully native mobile apps development with customization services. We provide cost-effective mobile app solutions for any type of android and iOS app. Our solution included for any Smart Devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, smart phone, tab, smart TV, smart watch etc.
Whether you need a simple mobile app for your small business or you have a mobile game development plan, we have lower-priced solutions for your specific needs. With a team of 10+ software engineers, we have developed 100+ local & international projects, implemented great mobile apps for many companies successfully in the last 12+ years. 

Why Choose Extreme Solutions for your next App Development?

  • Experienced developers : All our developers are well experienced for developing large mobile apps
  • Fully native apps development : We don't just develop on web-view or js based platforms.
  • Same UX for iOS & Android : Our app UI & UX will be similar for both iOS & Android
  • Deploy to App Store & Play Store : We will take care of it from initial study to live on stores
  • Affordable pricing : The cost of the app will be lower than compititors
  • Faster delivery : We ensure the timely delivery within schedule date
  • Long term service contract : Our minimum app development contract is 01 year
  • Any level of customization : We will make it within the scope of the works
If you have any query about your next mobile apps development needs, please call us at 01613 987363 contact us using the information at Contact Info page.

How to find a good mobile app development firm in Bangladesh?

You may searching for web-view based mobile app development services which will show contents from an website. Most of the mobile app development firms can do that at a very affordable cost for you. But if you are looking for a perfect mobile app development company in Bangladesh, you need to find who are the companies working for Native Mobile App development services. If you need an enterprise level mobile app with customization services, the searching process will be harder. The difficult thing to choose the best mobile app development company or a custom mobile development firm in Bangladesh, as Google will suggest many companies for your specific search query “Mobile App Development firm in Bangladesh.“. We suggest you some points to judge the Mobile app development company on the basis of below points. These will help you while choosing a right mobile app company in Bangladesh for your next mobile app project development.
Mobile App Development in Bangladesh
After searching with appchoosing a Mobile app Develpment firm in Bagladesh-


Look at the company’s previous works

Never judge a  company by the points they talk about. Always judge a company on their done mobile app projects which listed on their website. Examine if their portfolios are deep enough to meet your project specific goals.


Schedule for meeting after understanding the company

Present your mobile app requirements briefly and ask them for suggestions on your business strategy. Ask for a work plan and then ask for the quotation. Thus, you will get some idea about the company based on their responses.

The company should be able to report you time to time their app development progress based upon the plan technical support and hand over your mobile app product to you. If you like their after sales service plans, then you may proceed.


Ask them for how much time they need to make the app

Ask them to involve you in an existing development process, it will help you to understand your app and you can recommend for some changes in your app also.

Tell the developers if they will give you the controls of the admin account, so that you can check the app performance timely.


Discuss budget and pricing

If you are satisfied with the above parameters then you can trust any company to choose for your work. As per above criteria, EXTREME SOLUTIONS can ensure all of the criteria specified. The company is providing the best mobile app, delivering on time and also provides superior after sales support to clients.



Finally, you don’t have to contact all app development companies across the search results after choosing the top 3 as your choice for filtering them to choose the best one. As your mobile app development company, EXTREME SOLUTIONS is well-experienced in creating all kinds of mobile app from scratch to beta with professional developers. We spent a good number of years in mobile app development continuing the success story of our clients in this highly competitive market.

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