Facilities for Employees


Extreme Solutions mainly a software Company. We located in Chittagong. We are working over a decades. Untill we started we focus on our manpower, we couldn't expand our way of working. We strongly believe that without out exper team we are just wingless. Our expert team alwauys works on respective team. For that it is our duty to take care of our employees.


We treated us our employee as our family member. if there any problem happens we will be with our team . In working process we solve the problems conjugally. Extreme employs special retention, motivational and talent management programs. Rapid re-skilling and skills upgrade enable each employee to keep in pace with technology updatation. Extreme Solutions provide encourage bonus to employees to intense potentiality of them. We are very proud of our expert team. We are defiitely sure, our employees are satisfied with our conveniencey, and they always tried to make our business path much more smoother.

Software company in Bangladesh Extreme Solutions
Business Address: 771 Sheikh Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong, 4100, BD | Tel: +88 01680 794707 | Email: info@extreme.com.bd.
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