A Reliable Satisfactory HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

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    A Reliable Satisfactory HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

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    A Reliable Satisfactory HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

    XHRM ensures all most wanted features of Human Resources management. This software provides attendance to salary sheet preparation and in between systems.

    XHRM Has Proven It’s Capabilities:

    In the case of processing worker’s time- attendance and payroll management with ease for all types of attendance devices. This software made an ideal attendance system for manufacturing industries. 

    Why Use XHRM?

    A quality HR & Payroll Software will become one of your everyday workplace tools. It should be fast to implement and make performance assessment, hiring and on boarding smooth. Establishing employee competency levels and scheduling a regular review for each member of your workforce needs to be simple.Choosing the right human resource management (HRM) software helps you better manage and serve your team, who are key to the lasting success of your business.

    XHRM is very comfortable to use, itis very flexible to many companies' HR rules & regulations, which include employee attendance and leave management, human resource management, automated payroll processing, and provident fund management. The system is also 100% customizable upon organization-specific requirements to reflect complete organizational policies/ buyers recommendations- making it one of the leading HR & Payroll Software for garments manufacturing industries in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

    Reduce compliance risk and boost productivity:

    HRM eliminates the traditional time clock, introduces manager and employee self-service, is delivered in the cloud as an SAAS solution, and connects to our HR and payroll solutions.This software can run independently on any platform All the information about the employee data records smoothly in one central palace.Many business companies maintain several sections to manage HRM data, but we provide an all-in-one solution. It saves time.

    No need to print record documents because Extreme HR software (XHRM) is available on your mobile, PC, Laptop, and Desktop. It playsa crucial role in reducing the use of paper by up to 75.

    Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use:

    Administrators can centrally control all the necessary calculating without the help of a software maker company. Attendance and monthly salary processes are super fast in Extreme Solutions. Multiple general shifts and up to three-shift roster are managed by Extreme Solutions intelligently at one time.

    General Features

    Now let’s look into some of the general features of XH:

    • Multi-company management.
    • Complete human resources department management.
    • Secure administration & user panel.
    • A web-based centralized cloud server system.
    • Compatible with smart devices/ mobile browsers.
    • Unlimited users with multi authorization.
    • Time-Based Multiple Data- Entry Management.
    • Transactional  SMS/ Email Integration (optional).
    • Searching & Reporting Data by any criteria.

    More Details:

    Beside these major capabilities XHRM also delivers some common services. XHRM provides salary reports, loan reports, deductions, allowances and other usual services.

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