Best 10 ERP Software in Bangladesh

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    Best 10 ERP Software in Bangladesh

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    Best 10 ERP Software in Bangladesh

    Best 10 ERP Software in Bangladesh:

    Here is a list of top ERP software in Bangladesh, which are considered as best.



    ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software that serves as an encyclopedia of business operations. XERP is a fully developed ERP software developed in Bangladesh by Extreme Solutions for any flexible business type including Garments / RMG / Textiles Industries, Flour Mills & Plastic Container Manufacturers, Geo Bag Manufacturers, Spinning Mills, any types of trading businesses etc. ERP Software's integrated cloud intelligence for a factory-focused enterprise.


    XERP ERP Software Features:

    ·        Modern: It always has the latest information on all the latest framework and technology

    ·        Interactive with clouds: Real-time web-based MRP software

    ·        Experienced & Stable: Over 15 years in the market

    ·        Background: 5 Tier Architecture, Agile-based development

    ·        Security ∓amp; strong: Highly Secure and built-in Gang Protection Prevention Program

    ·        Portability: Fully integrated function modules integrated into a single application

    ·        Data Storage: Integrated and connected modules with a single centralized data system

    ·        Scalability: A highly scalable Web system designed for cloud computing ·       

    .         Easy: An easy-to-use interface designed with the original mobile system

    ·        Configurable: Opportunity to customize any type of business system

    ·        Controls: Unlimited user accounts managed by Administrator

    ·        Stable: Top cached, Main Page and theme-based development

    ·        User Experience: A lightweight mobile UI designed for high data traffic

    ·        Protected: Data-based parameters that are not injected to protect high-level data

    ·        Authorization: Menu and level of access form Authentication-controlled Administrator

    ·        Rated: Session with Safe view-stat & authorization system

    ·        Accountability: User Testing Methods to track any types of user activities

    ·        Mechanism: A highly flexible ERP software with business intelligence

    ·        Independence: Flexibility to work quickly in any user size.


    It is easy to use, supports many different industries, geared toward the Bangladeshi market, and also handles tax calculations instantly.

    Extreme Office:

    It is an easy & affordable online accounting software in Bangladesh with features to run every aspect of your business. It can do every step of your business quickly and easily. It is completely integrated with other modules and has clear options to integrate with 3rd party systems.

    Extreme ERP Features:

    ·        Virtual Management

    ·        Virtual Accounting

    ·        Sales and Review

    ·        Report and Analysis

    ·        HR Management

    ·        Cloud Computing

    ·        Purchasing

    ·        Sales Management

    ·        Supply Chain Management

    ·        Warehouse Management

    ·        Hospital management

    ·        Planning

    ·        Mobile phone friendly

    ·        Invoicing Management

    ·        Leave Management

    ·        Online Job

    ·        Dashboard

    ·        Employees Directory


    Jibika Plexus:

    Jibika Plexus is considered one of the top ERP software in Bangladesh with its unique HR features and payment system. They solve payment-related problems and manage multiple account-related tasks. It has an easily controlled manual, cash flow to record what is done properly.

    Features of this Top ERP Software:

    •        Educational design that is easy to use

    •        Rapid arrival process & staff production.

    •        Multiple compliance documents at once

    •        Mobile is friendly

    •        Performance appraisal system

    •        Multi-layer access right with unlimited user.

    •        Business intelligence report

    •        A comfortable shift plan

    •        High Security

    •        Customizing the document

    •        Improved notification system

    •        Attendees

    •        Asset Management

    •        Project management


    Pridesys IT:

    Pridesys IT Limited is best known for its secure, uncluttered, highly required application systems and data access solutions. Easy-to-use financial access has helped to gain popularity. An accurate and consistent result is considered to be its main effect.

    Pridesys IT ERP Software Features:

    •        Manufacturing Management

    •        Distribution Management

    •        Financial Management

    •        Reporting & Analysis

    •        Big Data

    •        Machine learning

    •        IoT

    •        Cloud Computing


    Prism ERP:

    Their versatile core business modules & management of administrative, managerial business propositions have made them one of the best ERP software in Bangladesh. PrismERP supports practically every category of the company by its presets. There are almost 30 types of companies that are already executed successfully.

    Prism ERP System Features:

    • Cloud-based
    • High-quality security
    • Cluster Supported
    • Supports any Database
    • Deployment in any Platform
    • Integrated System
    • Independent platform


    Zab ERP:

    The Zab ERP system integrates all business management functionality into a single interface. This local ERP solution is very useful for textile applications. Stability, robustness, flexibility make this ERP solution highly desirable for the final growth of the business.

    Zab ERP software features:

    •        Unlicensed office management

    •        Supply chain management

    •        Asset management

    •        Marketing modules

    •        Modules of financial accounts

    •        Wage management

    •        Human resource management

    •        Payment and invoices


    Smart Software Ltd:

    Smart Software works to remove client barriers in order to run the company's full functionality smoothly. They deal with key modules such as the HR module, Finance module, Manufacturing and Distribution, Sales, Service Management, CRM and Marketing, Purchasing, Goods, and Warehouse modules. With the advent of smart and distributed systems, the company offers data-driven solutions, in-depth information, and embedded intelligence.

    Smart Software Ltd ERP Features:

    •        Finance and Accounting

    •        Inventory and Warehousing

    •        Project management

    •        Staff

    •        E-commerce and the Web



    It is one of the top software for small and medium enterprises. It helps to produce a strong financial report, which is useful for growing a company. It can be used anywhere as it has a cloud computing system. Hisab also provides an innovative management system to increase tracking speed and system management. It's cheaper and more economical, and the security system sounds great too.

    Features of Hisab ERP Software:

    •        Cloud Accounting

    •        Asset Management System

    •        Ongoing Report Production

    •        Cost and revenue tracking system

    •        Manage contacts

    •        Payment record

    •        Security

    •        Schedule Program

    •        30 days free trial


    Desh ERP:

    Desh ERP is Bangladesh's leading business accounting organization and Inventory management ERP Software. It can manage accounts, Inventory, sales, purchases, production, payments. It can speed up all the core business processes such as purchasing to production, Inventory, sales, customer service.

    Desh ERP software features:

    •        Easy-to-use interface

    •        Account and Inventory

    •        Buying & Selling

    •        Production and Payroll

    •        The default category by category

    •        Uninterruptible support from the professional support panel

    •        Modular structure

    •        Easy Customization

    •        Works with windows, MAC, Linux

    •        Unlimited user license

    •        Access anywhere

    •        Financial Management


    ERP Solution:

    ERP SOLUTION provides integrated accounting and financial management, inventory system, warehouse management, sales order process, production. It is one of the top ERP software in Bangladesh and an amazing calculator software.

    ERP Solution Features:

    • Account
    • Asset Management
    • Marketplace
    • Production
    • Website
    • E-commerce
    • Cost Tracker
    • Hall
    • Payment Requirement
    • Research

    ERP software can cover all business management tasks. Its main goal is to market and implement solutions to business organizations facing challenges in this developing world. They assist companies of all sizes and industries in overcoming the difficulties that beset businesses and jobs. It helps to get the benefit of using a quality solution & provides better control within less cost. It also helps to grow the business with much ease.

    Technology has made life much easier, and the use of this technology can quickly solve various types of business problems. By using top ERP software, you can straightforwardly do these things, which seems very complicated to do regularly.


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