Best HR Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh| Complete HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh

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    Best HR Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh| Complete HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh

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     Best HR Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh| Complete HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh

    Best HR & Payroll software in Bangladesh

    HR & Payroll Management Solution used to manage everything for your organization or business. Extreme Solutions HR & Payroll Management system for all your company's employee-related activities from Attendance & Time Tracking to Recruitment, Loans, Taxes, Deductions, Insurance, Training & Development, Analytics, and so on.

    3 Secrets You Want To Know About the Best HR & Payroll Software In Bangladesh

    1. Employee Management Software That Gives You all the control you need:
    Extreme Employee Management Software is a gift of current technology. Being an HR professional isn’t an easy job to keeping track of everything, managing things, and checking if everyone is getting paid could be mismanaged sometimes. Technology has come up with a solving tool called HR payroll software. It makes employee task management smooth for you and reduces the risks of human errors. It saves your time and helps to handle everything in the best and most efficient way.

    2. Best Saas-Based HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh:
    Extreme Solutions loves to develop great Human resource management software. Nevertheless what makes us more happiest is that we are sure our software makes work life better for our clients. Our HR software equips with all the powerful features for human resources management that can free up your time to do great work, everybody wins. That makes XHRM the Top HR Software in Bangladesh.
    Storing all of the important information electronically can improve efficiency in recording and finding information anytime. XHRM Software gives you the opportunity to save your data online or offline in both ways.

    Besides being able to store the information using less space and find needed data in seconds. Electronic data can also be analyzed for strategic purposes and better secured against breaches and hacking. Contact Extreme Solutions today to experience the best HManagement Software in Bangladesh

    3. High volume data management capability:
    When your company has a quite large number of employees, they need to store a huge number of data in the database of the software. But most of the software doesn’t have space to store the high volume of data, although thequality of the software is excellent. To overcome this difficulty, we have been concerned about the HR Payr software with high data storage capabilities.

    What are the Best HR Payroll Software in the Market and why?

    • You can use Extreme HR and payroll software to manage your small business to large company conveniently.
    • Extreme solutions offer a high level of flexibility to all the stakeholders, allowing them to work in the most convenient way.
    • It includes a range of features to automate the management of employees and enables companies to save both time and money while keeping track of all their employee's activities and processes.
    • HR Payroll software for any kind of business. Group of the company or small business or franchise
    • There are many HR & Payroll software companies, Payroll software companies in Bangladesh, none of them can deliver the best quality software at such a cheaper price than Extreme Solutions.
    • HRMS also assists the top management in the salary process, attendance & efficiency of the employee to take decisions eventually, against, or in favor of the employee.
    • You can use our Free HR payroll software, we offer demo or trial versions for our users to experience how our software works.

    34 Useful Features of Best HR & Payroll Software In Bangladesh| Extreme Solutions
    1. Performance Management
    2. Employee Management
    3. Payroll Management Module
    4. Leave Management Module
    5. Attendance & Time Tracking Management
    6. Approval Management Module
    7. Task & Project Management
    8. Performance Management
    9. Training & Development Management
    10. Recruitment Management
    11. Asset Management
    12. HR Letter & Document Management
    13. Analytics & Report Management
    14. Salary management
    15. Increment management
    16. Bonus/allowance management
    17. Loan management
    18. Attractive user interface
    19. Easy to use
    20. Database Backup
    21. Secured
    22. Job Post Section
    23. Job Application Section
    24. Resume Search
    25. Resume Management
    26. Interview Management
    27. Admin Role Configuration
    28. Daily Report section
    29. Admin panel for both HR administrator and Employee
    30. Employee activity log system
    31. Permission assignment section
    32. All report chart
    33. User Management
    34. Task assignment system for individual employee

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