How Inventory Management Software In Bangladesh Can Increase Your Profit!

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    How Inventory Management Software In Bangladesh Can Increase Your Profit!

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    How Inventory Management Software In Bangladesh Can Increase Your Profit!

    What is Inventory Management Software?

    Inventory management software is a software system that helps you to track, control and manage your inventories efficiently. By combining several functions associated with inventories, inventory management software helps you to organize, store, track material movements, consumption, manufacturing, order processing, etc. The key feature of Inventory management software is to maintain a perfect number of inventories which ensures uninterrupted production, sales, high customer satisfaction, reduced inventory handling cost, and so on. In simple words, using inventory management software, you can maintain the right level of inventories at the right time without worrying about keeping the inventory handling at a low cost.


    Which company provide best Inventory Management software in Bangladesh?

    There are many companies who have inventory management software in Bangladesh. But Extreme Solutions offer the best inventory management software in Bangladesh. When you install our inventory software, you can reduce your costs because it works a lot of human resources. Also, it gathers all the resources, for example-

    •     Fast and Accurate
    •     Accessible from anywhere
    •     Reduces costs by analyzing product information and sustainable solutions
    •     Gathered all the resources
    •     A balanced inventory turnover ratio
    •     How can Extreme solutions Inventory software affect the inventory turnover ratio?


    You may have a question in your mind, How does Inventory Management Software In Bangladesh Can Increase Your Profit? That has an answer, if you use Extreme Solutions Inventory Management software will increase your organizational productivity, Have a look at our Inventory Manangement software features.

    The Top Features we provide on our inventory software are-

    •  Barcoding / RFID
    •  Cost Tracking
    •  Custome Pricing Models
    •  Inventory Forecasting, Optimization, Overview
    •  Multilocation
    •  Purchase Order Management     Reorder Management
    •  Search /ilter
    •  Serialized Inventory Tracking
    •  Customization
    •  Visual Stockpiling



    You Should Experience The Core Features We Provide On Our Inventory Software Are At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why-

    •     Simple and Easy to use stock management

    Extreme Solutions Inventory Management software helps you to organize your stock by product type, brand, color, size, etc. You can create unlimited stock groups and stock categories.

    •     Warehouse Management

    Extreme Inventory Management software helps you to store and track your inventory in real-time by warehouse, racks, lot, bin, etc. You can also create multiple godowns to store r materials, finished goods, components and it defindifferent locations such as warehouse, production floor, showrooms, etc.

    •     Manufacturing  

    Extreme solutions Inventory management software records the complete cycle of manufacturing right from the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods including the details of by-products, co-products, and scrap.

    •     Manage your inventory batch-wise and lot-wise

    You can store goods and track inventories by lots, batches, etc, along with manufacturing and expiry date management. Our inventory management software provides powerful and accurate inventory reports such as batch summary, batch-wise aging, etc.

    •     Invoicing

    You can create a professional-looking invoice within a second and customize it the way it suits your business. You can print your company logo, remove or add the invoice details using the host of invoice configuration and track the receivables easily at any time.

    •     Bill of materials

    Extreme Solutions inventory management defines multiple bills of materials (BoM) with a complete list of components, raw materials, assemblies, co-products, by-products, scrap, etc, along with the quantities required to manufacture a finished product.


    •     Precise inventory reports

    Accurate and actionable inventory reports such as existing stock, stock aging, movement analysis, re-order level, etc help you manage optimum inventories always.


    •     Job-Work

    It Records, tracks, and manages material issues, consumption, receipts, daily deliveries, evaluates new shipments, and analyzes different suppliers in the job-work process both as principal manufacturer and as a job worker.


    •     Manage stock from/for the third party

    Extreme inventory management manages and tracks your inventories that have been sent or received from the third party, separately from your regular stock, especially in case of job work, consignment sales, and similar situations.

    •     Project-wise costing

    Complete track of cost and revenue in the form of specific order costing for all those manufacturing jobs undertaken according to customer requirements and specifications.

    •     Online business reports
    1. Secure access of business data anytime, anywhere using a web browser
    2. Easily manage and track inventories
    3. Increase productivity
    4. Accurate recording and tracking of inventories
    5. No worries of under-stocking and overstocking of inventories
    6. It increased customer satisfaction
    7. It optimized cost at all levels of inventories
    8. Fast-moving and high profitable inventories
    9. Inventory management software helps you to get rid of the risk of old and expired stock
    10. Insights from reports help you in on-time business decisions and the decision-making process.

    Extreme Inventory Management Software provides reports of-

    •     Stock summary - A statement that shows you the stock-in-hand on a particular date. It is a primary inventory statement that updates the stock record in real-time as and when transactions are entered. It also shows the details of closing stock along with consumption.
    •     Godown report – A report that shows you the availability of inventories at the different storage and different locations
    •     Movement analysis report – Tracks and displays the movement of stock, also find out the slow-moving items which cause blockages in the flow of the working capital of the organization.
    •     Stock aging report – This report keeps track of stock age by classifying it into different aging intervals
    •     Re-order level – Using Extreme’s inventory management report, you can get to know the shortfall and the ones that require to be replenished
    •     Each items profitability report –Using this inventory report, you can get to know the item-wise profitability
    •     Order summary – You can track the orders that are shipment, placed, pending, completed, etc
    •     Stock transfers – This report shows the details of inventory that transferred across different storage locations or godown
    •     Batch summary- You can track the batch-wise or lot-wise inventories along with the manufacturing and expiry details. For example (Mfg. and Exp. date).





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