Choosing the right business ERP Software

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    Choosing the right business ERP Software

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    Choosing the right business ERP Software


    The process of choosing the right ERP software for your business can be quite complex.

    Here are 5 key tips that will help you choose the right ERP plan for your organization

    Choosing the right business ERP Software

    1) Share your specific business goals

    The first step in going to any ERP option will be a clear understanding of the goals / objectives of your business and what achievements you want to achieve in your ERP application. Complete control, visibility, high efficiency and high output are what is expected of a good ERP system to be able to shut down all the basic functions of your business.

    A good ERP plan will always be ready to meet the challenges of your business goals and can summarize the business process quickly with a clear sense of accomplishment. Not all ERP software can handle and meet your goals.


    2) Ensuring that the ERP system is in line with your business flow and needs

    After setting the ERP system goals, it is important to find out how the ERP system can meet your business flow, needs and performance. Prioritizing key skills and requirements in ERP software is important and you need to focus on those things whether the software is able to improve workflow based on your specific needs or not. This important method is used as the basis for software selection. By knowing what your wishes and needs are, you will be in a better position to manage the appropriate ERP software selection process, rather than having software vendors determine or determine your needs. You need to identify the challenges and difficulties of your business that you want the ERP software to solve. Then read and research about the function of ERP software and what they do. After researching, create a sheet or paper where you will be highlighting the challenges, problems and shortcomings of your business and address this on a list of all potential ERP software vendors. Establish a team or guide colleagues to collaborate and provide their key ideas, feedback and suggestions. Finally, after completing the listing, review and go to the final decision with your team partners on ERP software that is compatible with the “must have” features and that can be well adapted to the workflow of your business. The main goal will be to visit that ERP system that can tailor your business process and requirements and that can bring profitable results.



    3) Pricing & Return of Investment from an ERP system

    When you think about going for an ERP system, the first thing that comes in your mind is how you will be able to operate the business process efficiently by reducing the cost and what benefits and greater profit you can achieve in your business. Determining ROI will help you to go for valid decision of software packages provided by ERP vendor and can expect a better output and return on investment on ERP. The management team of your organization will assist for the approval process of selecting the ERP before investing. After doing the ROI calculation, show it to the vendor and if the budget doesn’t meet then the best idea will be to discuss with the vendor for exploring alternate options. The calculation can also indicate the use of ERP system on different project works of your organization to find out whether it is the right time to use ERP or not because of the budget. This also includes the pricing and packages that ERP vendors offers.

    ROI calculation should include everything such as IT hardware costs, servers, downtime, electricity usage, upgrades, security, disaster recovery, time saving and efficiency in implementation etc.


     4) Exploring Innovations and new Functionalities

    Although it is important for an ERP vendor to understand how your business process work step by step and adapt to their system. However just processing your business workflow is not enough. The expectation should be achieving greater results in a short time. A right ERP system can be defined as the one that add up more values into any business or organization. When you go for an ERP system, it is obvious that besides processing your business functions no matter how well it performs you expect to bring up more innovations in some of the key functionalities of your business workflow. A best ERP software vendor will always focus on improving the business strategies by coming up with advance functionalities. You may want to add functionalities with your existing process by providing functions such as advance integration method, reporting tools and many more. Integration is something that most organization expect to go for so that they can integrate the data and functional process of previous or existing system into new ERP software. So advanced integration method of integrating all the data of business into an ERP system will be the ultimate challenge for a good ERP vendor. It is also highly recommended to check the compatibility of the existing system with ERP software. Accessibility of ERP in mobile devices is another advanced functionality that you should also look out for the right ERP solution.


    5) Ease of Installation and Maintenance

    Choosing the right user partner is important if you are expecting an appropriate ERP system. It is important to understand the timeline for the implementation and implementation of an ERP program with our technical partners including transformation, modification, and employee training in the process. The long-term implementation process will reflect the impact of choosing the right ERP system and as a result you need to consult or talk to an expert about the reputation of those implementation partners and research about the implementation of the ERP system in various business industries.



    Is XERP the right choice for business?

    Extreme ERP has been identified as one of the best known and leading ERP software in Bangladesh. A complete business app that offers many solutions to all different industries. It focuses on more than 25 industries and can be used for a wide range of service-focused organizations such as health, government, banks, education etc. Alternatively, integration with various third-party applications or business activities can be managed. through XERP.

    It facilitates the flow of business within your organization by providing for your needs and in-depth evaluation to provide a well-suited independent platform that works better. The best-to-use and easy-to-deploy strategy demonstrates better relationships with XERP's technical partners. XERP is fragmented and offers a wide range of business solutions. For a small organization, XERP offers an SME solution. For private businesses "XERP" and government solution is offered.


    Contact us for your best ERP Solution.


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