ERP software in Bangladesh

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    ERP software in Bangladesh

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    ERP software in Bangladesh

    What is ERP software?

    ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning coming up with could be a software system that acts because of the book of facts of business activities. XERP is a versatile ERP software system developed totally in Bangladesh by Extreme Solutions for any varieties of enterprises automation together with Garments/ RMG/Textiles Industries, Flour Mills & Plastic instrumentality producing firms, Geo bag manufacture, Spinning mills, any forms of mercantilism businesses, etc. Business intelligence integrated cloud ERP software system for manufacture production-oriented business.


    ERP software in Bangladesh

    There area unit several firms providing ERP software system in Bangladesh however most of the ERP software system wasn’t developed based mostly upon core ERP functionalities and edges in mind. Extreme resolutions offer you the reasonable and best ERP solution in Bangladesh for max results and support.

    The software system could be a foremost ERP software system in Bangladesh terribly appropriate for businesses compulsive firms having industrial production-oriented or any mercantilism based mostly business. The software system is used by over five hundred firms together with Garments/ Textile Factories, Plastic producing Industries, Flour Mills in Bangladesh and abroad.

    Are you looking for the right software system to enable your rapid business growth and to resolve different problems your business faces every single day? You may sell great quality products, you may offer value-added services, and you may have a highly skilled team, but to compete with the fast-growing competition and in this digital era, meeting the huge consumer demands and staying above the competitors is not that easy without the right software. Businesses face new challenges and difficulties every now and then and have to deal with several problems every day. And here comes the role of an ERP.

    ERP is the Enterprise Resource Planning software that automates and efficiently manages all business problems and processes, ensuring a streamlined workflow. It is an all-in-one integrated software solution that every business would need to adopt today.

    The biggest business problems ERP can solve:

    Communication issues: In different departments, employee communication challenges are a big problem for most businesses. ERP software solves the primary issues here. ERP stores all the necessary business information in one place, giving access to it to the employees of all departments with Integrated and linked modules with one centralized database system. Sharing information and communication process becomes a lot easier and faster with this.
    Repetitive manual tasks: With an ERP, you can easily organize all of the tasks effectively and automate the tasks eliminating the need for repetitive manual entries. Automating the tasks and getting rid of manual entries also reduces data redundancy and errors.

    Inconsistency elimination: ERP process acts as a balanced framework that is robust and flexible at the same time, giving ERP access to all the teams so that they work in parallel, boosting efficiency. When there area unit has totally different procedures rung at the same time in a very firm, inconsistencieseege within the business, as several procedures among them area unit unnoted.

    Customer data tracking: ERP allows employees to easily keep a track of all order history, unlimited user accounts controlled by Super Administrator, chat history with the customers, feedback, reviews, and so on.
    Cash-flow disorders: By using ERP software cash-flow can be clearly figured out as it stores orders, expenses, and production information. An ERP software helps to identify financial ambiguities as well as the position of the firm. One of the biggest advantages of the ERP system is that it takes cross-currency transactions into the account.

    Financial and accounting issues: Huge financial calculations that are not possible to calculate and manage manually ERP can manage to calculate them easily in a short time. By using ERP you can store all financial information including customer payment history, transaction history, etc.

    Decision-making: Decision-making is a very complicated aspect for every business. And ERP makes it easier. The  ERP software stores all business data in one place, making it easier for real-time decision-making.

    Besides, ERP also helps with process inconsistencies, easy accessing of data and no more struggling with data, and gives relief and saves a lot of money from using multiple systems for managing multiple business processes. And now if you want to get the right ERP customized and implemented into your system, look for reliable ERP service providers like to get it done as soon as possible.

    The biggest problems ERP tools solve for businesses?

    One of the biggest issues that ERP can solve is managing multiple systems at the same time. ERP is designed as an all-in-one integrated solution to handle inventory management, businesses accounting, CRM, Human resource managing, eCommerce integration, and warehouse management needs. Without a fully integrated ERP system, many companies perform these tasks in multiple systems or use manual processes. Which is a complex system and more expensive also time-consuming. There is a greater risk for entry errors and more time is wasted entering data into multiple systems. With an ERP system flow of information is automatic and connected across most departments. Which is totally an automated system.

    What are the difficulties in implementing ERP software?

    Selecting an ERP software type suitable for your business is one of the serious challenges in implementing ERP. There are on-premise, cloud, and hybrid solutions. There are some internal processes in the ERP system and the answers to the following questions might be as:
    How important is data security to you?
    Can you manage your own server center?
    Any customization is needed?
    Do you have to build a totally new system or is the modernization or customization of the old one enough?
    What real problem can an ERP system solve in a small business?

    While growing a small business it faces many challenges like:

    Repetitive manual paperwork
    Difficulty in analyzing data that impacts decision making
    ERP manages the same software for multiple operations & departments

    A good ERP software can make these processes  easier with:

    By automating manual tasks & therefore improving employee's productivity
    Organizing data into reports to make better decisions process
    Streamlining workflows and processes centralizing the data

    Generally, ERPs are very complex. They have unnecessary features and can be a little expensive for small business owners. Small business owners can use Points of Sale or Inventory management software instead of ERP software.


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