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    HRM Software in Bangladesh

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    HRM Software in Bangladesh

    Having a fully functional Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is essential for a successful company. HRMS based on good saas helps the company to deal with people and jobs. Companies can also divide the workload of their employees.

    Bangladesh HR Management Systems aims to do the same in order to thrive in an orderly manner.

    The article focuses on the top 10 HR management software HR Software in Bangladesh.



    XHRM is very flexible to many companies' HR rules & regulations, which includes employee attendance and leave management, human resource management, automated payroll processing and provident fund management. The system is also 100% customizable upon organization specific requirements to reflect complete organizational policies/ buyer’s recommendations- made it one of the leading HRM software for garments manufacturing industries in Chattogram, Bangladesh. 


    How can XHRM Benefit your Business?

    Many organizations manage their workforce without HRM software. Still with a robust HRM, everyone with access within your company can perform task management and access self-services. Executives or supervisors can assign new tasks, manage attendance of their staff, and track the location in their handy mobile application. 


    The system allows organizing company policies, improves employee and management collaboration, and increases its overall revenue.


    XHRM General Features:

    ·        Multi-company management

    ·        Complete human resources department management

    ·        Secure administration & user panel

    ·        Web-based centralized cloud server system

    ·        Compatible with smart devices/ mobile browsers

    ·        Unlimited users with multi authorization

    ·        Time-Based Multiple Data- Entry Management

    ·        Transactional SMS/ Email Integration (optional)

    ·        Searching & Reporting Data by any criteria


    Oracle HRMS

    According to reports, almost 72.8% of businesses find it hard to get relevant candidates suitable for their business. With the technology change, HRM systems are taking over most businesses. One such well-known HR software in Bangladesh is Oracle HRMS.

    You can use this system for functions such as performance management, employee recruitment, and self-service HR. In addition, there are other features such as payroll, HRMS Intelligence, employee management, and leave management.

    Oracle HRMS is a very high functioning software that does not need high maintenance costs. In addition, you can get quarterly upgrades for free, which makes it a cost-effective solution.



    In recent years, PiHR has held a premium position in the field of HR software and employee management systems in Bangladesh. PiHR is not only considered as a software for HR management but a top-notch solution for all sorts of business. 

    PiHR developed an automated system for both employer and employee. But the employer has all the control and can ensure the access of others. It will make their task easier and minimize the errors as much as possible.   

    The most significant features of PiHR are:

    • A complete HR solution with built-in security
    • Ensure security and protect data from hacking.  
    • Keeps all the records centrally.
    • All the data and documents are stored in digital form
    • Convenient and easy solution for Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Flexible to use anywhere, everywhere.
    • Minimal errors in calculations

    You can customize the platform according to your requirements. PiHR also provides training for HR Development by their specialized and expert team. 



    Roopokar takes care of HR processes that are concerned with payroll and other HR functions.

    Studies show an increase in the usage of AI for payroll management. This can be confirmed by the use of Roopokar as HR software BD.

    One interesting feature of the software is the presence of Bangla language to make it comfortable for Bangladeshi users. Some of the key features of the document are handling the office schedule, corporate scoreboard, security, etc.

    Using this software minimizes the cost since it has a pay-as-you-go structure.


    Zaman IT

    Not all firms need HRMS that are high-end and pricey. Instead, small businesses can do well with low-cost and small HRMS solutions.

    Zaman IT is an HR and payroll software that is known as smart Pay.

    The software has some primary features such as PF, report generation, allowance, salary, leave, loan, deduction, and attendance.

    Businesses that do not need any extensive functions can use this HR management system efficiently.


    Jibika Plexus

    If you are looking for a saas based HRMS in Bangladesh, then you could use Jibika Plexus.

    It has two primary features that are managing multiple units and face detection for the attendance system. There are other features such as generating necessary professional letters automatically.

    You will need to input the type of letter that you wish to print, and it will be done. Below are types of letters that you can choose from –

    • Confirmation letters
    • Appointment letters
    • Promotion letters
    • Increment letters

    Apart from these, businesses can use the software for leave confirmation and processing monthly salaries.



    Large businesses require HR software that has many features which could cater to all their needs. This is a very modern payroll system that companies can use for different reasons.

    Linespay is not just for enterprise businesses but also for standard and small businesses.

    The HRM system has features such as employee management, performance appraisal, payroll management, and training and development. Other features include recruitment and selection, PF management, leave management, and payroll management.


    Smart HRM

    Another top HRMS in Bangladesh that you could use is the Smart HRM. This software has a fully automatic system that would cater to the different needs of HR.

    Having a mobile application for your HRIS app makes the work much easier, so most businesses prefer Smart HRM. The software has a mobile application that lets HR handle all the features at hand.

    The software’s main features are maintaining the daily attendance, leave management, management of HR loans, salary, and managing the employee shifts.



    SCALED offers several module setups that businesses can use for multiple HR operations. There are a total of 10 modules, each for a different purpose. Using these modules, a business can reduce operational and administrative costs.

    Some of the core modules of the HR management system are –

    • Activity Tracking Module – Managing attendance and leave
    • Growth and Benchmark Module – Training and appraisal
    • Mandatory Module – Security/Administration and employee information
    • Payroll Module – Income tax, PF, payroll, and loan



    If you operate a textile, garment, and apparel business, then there is dedicated software for you – SPARK.

    Depending on how big your team is, you can save about two to five lakhs BDT every month. It is very easy to configure the software to match the needs of the business.

    Using SPARK, you can manage your company’s budget plans, payroll, and decision-making. You can also use the software for managing bonuses, salary processing, and benefits.



    Different businesses have different needs for an HR management system. According to recent studies, almost 51% of companies depend on HR management systems to conduct HR tasks. This is because HRMS helps mainly with repetitive tasks, which leads to major savings.

    GEN-IT is one such HRM software that helps save money by providing exceptional functions.

    There are numerous solutions that GEN-IT offers, but below are the three key functions.

    • Attendance management
    • Employee management
    • Payroll management

    GEN-IT is one of the most widely used HRM software in Bangladesh.


    Summing Up

    These are our recommendations for the best HRM software in Bangladesh. You can use this management software to further define the structure of any business. The HR personnel could use a suitable HRM system to streamline the HR functions of your business.

    The recommendations we mentioned here are some top HR management systems in Bangladesh. HR personnel can use them in different business models in Bangladesh to have a well-formed and orderly functioning.

    A company needs to have a smooth working HR management system to run efficiently.

    Check out the top 10 HR management systems in Bangladesh and choose the one that you find most reliable!







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