Which are the best ERP software companies in Bangladesh?

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    Which are the best ERP software companies in Bangladesh?

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    Which are the best ERP software companies in Bangladesh?
    Extreme Solutions has developed more than 20 types of ERP software in Last 15 years. Their product line included world class ERP solutions for both Customizable and SAAS based software. The team is very professional with experienced software engineers.
    Some of the best ERP software developed by Extreme Solutions available in the market are:
    • XERP Z Series: ERP Software for Garments/Textile Industries
    • XERP P Series: ERP Software for Plastic Manufacturing Industries
    • XERP F Series: ERP Software for Footwear Manufacturing Industries
    • Extreme OFFICE Premium: SAAS based Cloud ERP
    Some of the remarkable ERP software made in Bangladesh are:
    • XERP
    • Extreme OFFICE
    • Prism ERP
    • Pridesys ERP
    • Logic ERP
    In Bangladesh many non-ERP software are treated as ERP but they are not really any ERP software:
    • Tally ERP: Desktop based Software
    • Quickbooks Accounting: Cloud & Desktop based
    • ERP.COM.BD: cloud based
    • Hishab Nikash: cloud based
    • Halkhata: cloud based
    • bSofty: cloud based
    • KiuERP: cloud based
    • Troyee: Windows based
    Most of the peoples of Bangladesh treat TALLY and many others as "ERP Software"! Tally software became popular in Bangladesh by adding the word "ERP" with their name. Thats why most of the peoples never know what real ERP software is.


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