top 10 HR & Payroll Software companies in Bangladesh

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    top 10 HR & Payroll Software companies in Bangladesh

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    top 10 HR & Payroll Software companies in Bangladesh

    Nowadays in this business magnet world, choosing the right HR and Payroll software service can change the full face of your business. Because this software is organized with a total portfolio of entire employees’ work charts, their rights, and the company's progress. By executing with the best companies software of HR and Payroll, a business company can get online management and also stand with best organized.

    Here are the top 10 HR & Payroll Software companies in Bangladesh.

    1. Extreme Solutions

    Extreme Solutions is the best software company in Bangladesh for providing XHRM software. This company served thousands of HRM software to many industries in BD. It is the best-known HRM and ERP providing company as customer review in Google


    It is very flexible to many companies' HR rules & regulations, which include employee attendance and leaves management, human resource management, automated payroll processing, and provident fund management. Their system is also 100% customizable upon organization-specific requirements to reflect complete organizational policies/buyers recommendations- making it one of the leading HRM software for garments manufacturing industries in Chittagong, Bangladesh. 

    Top Features :

    • This software can run independently on any platform All the information about the employee data records smoothly in one central palace.
    • Many business companies maintain several sections to manage HRM data, but we provide an all-in-one solution. It saves time.
    • No need to print record documents because Extreme HR software(XHRM) is available on your mobile, PC, Laptop, and Desktop. It’s paly a crucial role in reducing the use of paper by up to 75%
    • It offers a reliable and flexible face detection attendance system.
    • It has a multi-layer for leave, evaluation, confirmation, and so on.
    • It’s great for an employee evaluation system so that a good relationship could grow between company and employee. It also offers an assessment grading point for employee and auto-generated promotion letters, increment letters, and so on.
    • Through email and popup alerts, Extreme solutions send notification about pending works
    • It offers unlimited adding facilities. Even the end person can add or modify the report.
    • Administrators can centrally control all the necessary calculating without the help of a software maker company.
    • Attendance and monthly salary processes are super fast in Extreme Solutions.
    • Multiple general shifts and up to three-shift roster are managed by Extreme Solutions intelligently at one time.
    • They work on customers’ any kind of customization.
    • In this platform, all the HR documents (appointment letters, confirmation letters, etc) can be generated.

    Including the above points, XHRM software provides other common services like salary reports, loan reports, deductions, allowances, and other things in an easier way.


    2. is one of the best HR and Payroll software services in BD for the professional platform of small-medium and enterprise businesses. Their focus is on working with a modern and advanced salary management system that focuses on user experience and simplifies complex workflows.

    • They often offer updated services such as:
    • Their software can work independently in any field.
    • All information about employee data is smoothly recorded in one central location.
    • Many business companies have limited access to HRM data, but they provide a solution for everything.
    • Save time.

    They have offline and offline workplaces. Including the above points, their software provides other common services like salary reports, loan reports, deductions, allowance, and other things in an easier way.


    3. Jibika Plexus

    Jibika Plexus has some amazing features that are very useful for company executives. They are given below:

    · There is no need to print recording documents because the jibika is available on your mobile phone, PC, Laptop, and desktop. It plays a key role in reducing paper consumption by up to 75%

    · Provides a reliable and flexible face detection system.

    · It has multi-layer breaks, testing, verification, and more.

    · Good job evaluation system so that good relationships grow between company and employee. It also provides a test site for staff and automatically generated promotional characters, promotions, and more.


    4. Gent IT

    The features of Gent IT's HR and Payroll software are simple resource management solutions and easy-to-use paid processing and a rich package.

    Vacation management: Attendance reports are available in pdf form and have pre-and post-break intervals. It also features public and corporate holidays.

    Project Management: In this way employees can be assigned any individual tasks. It helps to see team creation and a list of projects and information. It also shows support for objects.

    Expenditure and Asset Management: Here the software shows the class, workflow, and cost and asset reports.

    Remuneration management: In this category, staff information, salary, deductions, salary structure, highly focused benefits.

    Apart from this, they also offer all the services such as loan management, training management, and many other things related to payment software.

    5. Roopokar:

    Roopokar is another great HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh. They built some great features of HR and Payroll services. Their services are Employee website, announcement section, leave management, office shift management, vacation module, company scorebook, all report charts, security, and more.

    Except that they have some excellent features. Of course:

    · For easy access and easy to use, they can install the Bangla language in their software. This is a great comfort to a country like Bangladesh.

    · Consider different levels of users. Their app is so easy to use that even an illiterate person will be able to use it.

    · They have offline and offline workplaces.

    · Once dedicated to the company, this software does not take much time to get started.

    · Has a very fast data connection and data backup system. So you will never be disappointed if you lose some data in the store.

    · They provide solid and sufficient data.

    · They work on any type of customer customization.


    6. Soft IT Security:

    This software company was used to provide custom software like the company's own software. Their features -

    user module, hiring module, suspension module, Promotion and promotion module, test module, erase module, and other basic software programs.


    7. Systech Digital Limited:

    Systech HR's digital company software and Payroll provide great support to run a successful business freely. Their features are easy to use and useful. Of course -

    · With just one click, all the employee information will come in as the software records everything.

    · Travel and attendance records are easily monitored with one-click reports.

    · Employees tend to pay on time and on time.

    For these three benefits, they have an employee module, a production module, an attendance module, a loan module, a security module, a payment module, and every part of company reports.


    8. Syntech Solution Limited:

    They believe that a good balance between employees and management can lead to a successful business and both will benefit.

    The features of HR and Payroll are:

    • · Their software system generates all Branch reports, employee, salary, bonus, presence/leave, and more.

    • · Their software produces a whole simple payslip with just one click.

    • · For this, they have all the basic HR and Payroll services.


    9. Web For Solution:

    With their service, you can easily track the leaves, make rules the way you want, and keep all the details of your business in one place. The comprehensive HR and Payroll Internet Forum provides help desk management, leave management, loan management, hiring, and human resource management.


    10. N.i.Biz Soft:

    Like other HR and Payroll software services, they also provide basic software services such as - loan management, staff statement, requirements, all HR and Payroll service reports, monthly data locks, and much more.

    In HRMS modules:

    Their services - online leave application, offline and hiring module, performance management module, and online return management.


    In short, no matter what payroll software you plan to use for your planning. You should avoid common payment errors to improve the productivity of your companies.

    The HR department is one of the most important departments in the company because this department ensures a balance between management and employees. No matter what the size of the business, there is a risk of fines and inequalities in working conditions. Therefore, updated and functional software is required as a solution.

    In the latest market, we are seeing a lot of HR software and Payroll with an updated version. HR professionals work to make it easier and business companies consider this software as a reliable partner in the workplace.


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