Eye Doctors Prescription Software

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Easy prescription software for eye specialist doctors & ophthalmology surgeons. Electronic Health Record software with prescription template for ophthalmologists & eye surgeons in Bangladesh.

Prescription Software for Ophthalmologist

PrescribeRx is a easy prescription writing software for eye specialist doctors & ophthalmology surgeons. The software included complete features of prescribing & EHR (Electronic Health Record) management system for ophthalmologists & eye surgeons in Bangladesh. You can now easily print Lens/ Glasses Prescription also using the software.


The Prescription Writing Management Software will print well formatted Prescription your Patients will love it. We are Medical Software Development Company in Bangladesh making a complete Prescription Writing Software system with the help of some specialized Doctors which is a part and parcel for every medical practitioner.




This Software is part of a series of research, teaching tools and study material with the features of Patients Records Management, Medicine Management, Patients Historical Data Analysis, Easy Prescription & Medical Certificate Printing, Statistical data analysis etc. expecting to release in a very cheap cost with finest service and supports all over in Bangladesh.



General features

  • Specially designed for ophthalmologists & eye surgeons
  • Medicine & Lens Glasses Prescription preparation
  • Print separate prescription for medicine & glasses
  • Patients Searching in Software Dashboard
  • Find Old patients historical data
  • Printing old Prescriptions
  • Edit-Delete provision for any records
  • Daily Serial Entry with Appointment Card
  • Patients Appointment Schedule Report
  • Money receipt against collection
  • Admission for visiting Doctors (Direct or from serial)
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly List of Patients and collected amounts
  • Disease profile,
  • Patients search and preview.
  • Drug Directory
  • Drug Details
  • Search Drugs
  • Drugs by Brands
  • Drugs by Generics
  • Drugs by Classes
  • Drugs by Conditions.
  • Advance search
  • Generic Name editor
  • Literature for Generic Names, showing dosage, indication, side effects etc.
  • Prescription can be Export to other formats or Email to your Patients.
  • Different Statistical Reports
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