Extreme ERP Software built an evolutionary Garments ERP solution that improves the work efficiency of the garments industry and reduces their workload.

In a digital world, business success is defined by agility and speed. Legacy software has been stopping your business from achieving its full potential. Our Garments Management Software- MRP  solution with greater agility and business intelligence will achieve the results faster. 


In the mid-90s, ERP systems were typically seen to be straight-ahead industrial manufacturing tools; largely oriented to the indexing and databasing of singular resource elements such as raw materials, individual products, or the management of people. Over time, the emergence of other modules began to extend ERP base systems, either through the integration of formerly stand-alone systems, or purpose-built modules that actively pushed and pulled data throughout a common platform. Nowadays, ERP software become an essential tool for managing a large-scale business.

Extreme Solutions is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (XERP) solution suitable for many industries and organizations of all sizes, especially for the Garments industries. It offers features for accounting, inventory management, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, and more.

Extreme Solutions also has business management tools including a company hub, calendar integration, internal newsfeed with social media integration, dynamic feedback tools, external action triggers, dashboard customization, a resource navigator, custom reporting, and much more. It also has tools for field service management, surveying, business analytics, and so on.


The ERP Software system works with combined modules of-

  • Purchase Management Module
  • Orders & Shipment Management Module
  • Customer Relationship Management Module
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management Module
  • Production & Quality Management Module      
  • Repair & Maintenance Department Module
  • Business Analysis, Reporting & Statements Module
  • Software Administration & Security Management



Purchase Management Module

  • Supplier Info
  • Auto generate purchase list by items re-order level settings
  • Purchase requisition entry by Order number
  • Purchase requisition approval
  • Local purchase entry & item receive to stock
  • Purchased items return
  • Recent purchase record searching for any product
  • Track items warranty
  • Payment to suppliers
  • Payment Cheque Processing
  • Party Balance Adjustment
  • Party Ledger & Credit List
  • Item-wise Actual Costing
  • Upload and Search any LC/LP related documents


Orders & Shipment Management Module

  • Create contract by Contract No.
  • Customer order creation (PO) against Contract number
  • Order scheduling by PO
  • Submit materials indent against PO
  • PO & contract Status Monitoring
  • Cancel PO, Re-open closed PO
  • Delivery Order (for Shipment) against PO/ Contract No.
  • Provision for Invoicing without PO (for excess or rejected items)
  • Create PI for Export
  • Create export LC from PI (with amendment provision)
  • Container Loading (Finished Items Stock-out)
  • Print Challan by Container
  • Money Collection against LC
  • Provision For Money adjustment, Discount, Tax, VAT, TDS & VDS
  • Calculate Cost of Goods sold according to contracts/ PO
  • Sales Statements (Item, Date & Party-wise)
  • Contract History (Delivered/Pending)
  • Collection History
  • Customer Analysis and The Best Customer Reporting.


Customer Relationship Management Module

  • Customer details info
  • Customer brands
  • Sales representative info
  • Country & Zones
  • Delivery Locations
  • Sales Lead Creation
  • Submit Quotation
  • Sample Requisition
  • Courier Tracking 
  • Sample Submission Result Follow-up
  • Deal closed (Order Confirmed/ Rejected)
  • Customer complain received log
  • Document Library: Storage of customers’ documents
  • Send occasional Email Greetings to customers
  • Historical Data Analysis of Customers
  • Customer Wise Sales-Collection History
  • Customer Ledger & Credit List with Financial Summary


Warehouse & Inventory Management Module

A totally flexible and reliable Stores Management System with markup costing that helps the management understand any time Inventory Position with values across factories and stores.


  • Warehouses Info (Main Godown, Production Floor etc.)
  • Warehouse Areas in Warehouses
  • Provision for multiple godown Stock
  • Stock tracking by Item Quantity & Weight
  • Stock-in Under LC or Local Purchase
  • Set/ Adjust Existing Products Current Stock
  • Item issue to Production floor against contract number
  • Track unused items in Production floor
  • Godown to godown item transfer
  • Warehouses Stock Position for any date
  • Current Stock Position by Group, Sub-Group, Category, Grade & Products
  • Date Wise Stock Register (item in/out history)
  • Stock by Godown Name
  • Stock Valuation/ Costing
  • LC/LP wise product stocking 

Production & Quality Management Module

  • Production sections
  • Production lines
  • Machines Info Setup
  • Shifts by sections
  • Operations
  • Sample Library
  • Bill of Materials Entry (BOM List)
  • Material requisition & issue for production
  • Customer Order No. tracking in production
  • Hourly Production Entry with rejection quantity (Finishing)
  • Daily production report by hour, line & Order No.
  • Raw materials consumption from Sample Library BOM list
  • Auto costing assumption based upon item costing
  • QC Final Pass & barcode/ price-tag assignment
  • Recycling rejected products
  • Finished Product storage/ Final product receive after QC Pass
  • Efficiency/ Performance tracking by Supervisor/ Line No.
  • Time waste tracking
  • Order No. & Item-wise daily production summary & details
  • Order No. & Item-wise daily RM consumption summary & details


Repair & Maintenance Department Module

  • Machine & Vehicle Info Setup
  • Machine received for repair/ maintenance
  • Machine/ Vehicle Group-wise spare parts setup
  • Machine list for repair with complain & current status
  • Purchase requisition for spare parts
  • Scheduling maintenance by advanced date
  • Machine status update
  • Gate Pass with Barcode
  • Track all repair & maintenance history