Industrial Production ERP Software (XERP) Solution In Dhaka, Chittagong, and all over Bangladesh for Manufacturing companies.

XERP Software is one of the leading Cloud ERP Software in Bangladesh, for Industrial Manufacturing also Production oriented companies.Our industrial ERP Software is Better Than Best Software Solutions for Your Sector. The ERP Software system works with combined modules of-

  1. Orders, Sales & Export Management Module
  2. Purchase & Import (LC) Management
  3. CRM (Party Management Module)
  4. Collection & Payment Management Module
  5. Inventory Management Module
  6. Production Management Module
  7. Banking & Transactions Management
  8. Core Accounting System
  9. Human Resources Management with Payroll
  10. Reporting & Statements Module
  11. Software Administration & Security Management


ERP Software Architecture

  • Full featured out of the box ERP Software with the flexibility to run swiftly for any size of users.
  • The ERP Software System can be integrated into an IIS web server environment and a centralized MS SQL Server database will be used for synthesizing these systems, which will retain in a real IP based central Windows server.
  • The workstations (Computer or any other smart devices) would be anywhere and will be used for accessing the master database through web browsers internet connection.

Integrated Features:

  • 3 Tier Architecture, Agile based development
  • Integrated Security System for ERP Software hacking protection
  • Light weight UI design for high data traffic
  • 128bit encryption for securing data
  • Scalable Database System
  • Master Page and theme based ERP Development
  • User level  access Authentication- assigned from Administrator
  • Sessioning and Safe view-stat Configuration& Authorization
  • Integrated and linked modules etc.


Technologies Used for Development

  • Extreme SAS Framework for ERP Templating
  • Microsoft® MVC 4.0 with HTML5 & CSS3 for front-end In ERP
  • Microsoft® C# as back-end coding language
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 for Database
  • Crystal Reports & Developer Express  for reporting
  • JQuery & AngularJs for AJAX functionalities


ERP Software Features

ERP General Features

  • Secured Administration & User Panel
  • Web based centralized cloud server system
  • Compatible with smart devices/mobile browsers
  • Multi users with multi authorization types
  • Time-based Multiple User Data-Entry Management
  • Transactional SMS/ Email Integration (Optional)
  • Searching & Reporting data by any criteria.


Sales Module

Sales, Export LC & Collection

  • Setup: Customers, Brands, Sales Representative, Sales Zone, Delivery Points
  • Set Customer Credit Limit by Maturity Days & Amounts.
  • Provision For Create/Edit Delivery Order (DO) against PO
  • Money Collection from Customers (By Cheque, Cash etc.)
  • Order Status Monitoring
  • Sales Invoice Generation according to DO
  • Provision for Sales Entry without DO
  • Create PI for Export
  • Create LC from PI (with amendment provision)
  •  Sales Return/Adjustment
  • Cancel DO, Re-open closed DO
  • Sales Collection (Cash/Credit/Cheque/TT/Barter)
  • Collection against LC
  • Collection-Cheque Status (in hand/in bank/passed/bounced)
  • M.R/ S.R & Location Based Sales Invoice
  • Tracking Customer Credit limit & Day Limit For Sales Invoice Preparations
  • Provision For Auto & Manual Discount

Sale Reports

  • Print DO & Sales Invoice
  • Sales Statement (Date & Party-wise)
  • Customer Wise Sales-Collection History (Opening-During The Period-Balance )
  • Customer Ledger
  • Credit List with Financial Summery
  • DO History (Delivered/Pending)
  • Sales by Item Group, Categories, Products, Customers etc.
  •  Sales by Marketing Persons
  • Collection By Cash, Cheque, DD, TT ETC.
  • Dues/Credit tracking and aging of dues
  • Cheque In and Out Tracking
  • Provision Of Making The Cheque Dishonor
  • Provision Of Again Placing Of Cheque For Dishonored Cheque
  • Customer Analysis and The Best Customer Reporting.
Menu Architecture
Sub Menu Entry Form
Customer Brands
Sales Representatives
Sales Zone
Delivery Points
Sales Order Entry
Edit Sales Order
Create New PI
Update PI Info
Create LLC from PI
LLC Amendment
Order Delivery
Direct Invoicing
Sales Return
Close/Reopen PO/LLC
Sales Collection
Collection From LC
Cheque Processing
Sales by Items
Sales by Pack-Size
Pack-Size Sales Summery
Sales by Item Grade
Item Sales by Month
Yearly Sales by Pack-Size
Yearly Sales to Customers
Yearly Sales by Grade & Company
Sales by Grade & Company
Customers Sales Summery
Customers Sales Details
PO By Date Range
PO Items
Pending Delivery Items
Invoice By Date Range
Invoice By Payment Status
Search Invoice
Credit List
Customer Ledger
Sales Collection History

Purchase Module

Import LC Local Purchase

  • Product Manufacturer & Supplier Setup
  • Import Agent & CNF Setup
  • LC Insurance & Banks
  • Local Purchase Entry
  • Purchase & LC Items Return Return
  • Payment: Suppliers, CNF Agent, Bank etc.
  • Payment Cheque Processing
  • Party Balance Adjustment
  • LC Expense Heads Setup & Expenses Entry
  • LC General Info
  • LC Amendment
  • LC Costing Calculation: Duty, CNF Commission, Insurance, Bank Charges, Others.

Local Purchase & LC Reports

  • Purchase History: Suppliers, Agents, Item Group, Products etc.
  • LC Status
  • Payment Status & history
  • Party Credit List
  • Date-wise Purchase
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Item-wise Actual Costing
  • LC wise Profit Statement
  • Payment-Cheque Status

Menu Structure

Supplier Categories
Import Agents
CNF Agents
Insurence Company
Purchase Zones
Vendors (Suppliers)
Local Purchase
Purchase Entry
Purchase Edit
Purchase Return
Purchase Payment
Cheque Processing
LC Expense Heads
LC General Info
LC Status Updates
LC Amendment
LC Expenses
LC Finalization
LC Payment
Purchase Reports
Purchase by Invoice
Supplier Credit List
Supplier Ledger
Purchase by Products
Party Payment History
Search Purchase
LC Reports
LC By Date Range
LC Detail View
Item Costing Comparison
LC Items History
LC Payment History
Search LC Info

Inventory Module


  • Product Group Setup
  • Product Categories Setup
  • Product Grade Setup
  •  Product Information Setup
  • Auto Code generation for products
  • Search Information by grade, categories, groups
  • Unit type conversion for products


  • Warehouses Setup by Locations
  • Set Opening Stock
  • Stock Quantity Adjustment
  • Provision for multiple godown Stock
  • Easy Adjustment Provision of Purchase
  • Stock-in Under LC or Local Purchase
  • Godown to godown item transfer

Stock Reports

  • Current Stock by Group, Category, Grade & Products
  • Date Wise Stock Register (item in/out history)
  • Stock by Godown
  • Stock Valuation
  • LC/LP wise product stocking

Menu Architecture

Product Setup Product Groups
  Product Sub-Group
  Product Grade
  Product Category
  Product Name
  Pack Size
  Ink Specifications
Warehouses Warehouses Setup
Store Areas
Adjustment Raw Stock Adjustment
Wastage Stock Adjustment
Processed Item Adjustment
Finished Stock Adjustment
Machinery Stock Adjustment
Others Stock Adjustment
Reports Current Stock (Raw)
Current Stock (Wastage)
Current Stock (Processed)
Current Stock (Finished)
Current Stock (Machineries)
Current Stock (Others)
In-Out History (Raw)
Transfer History

Production Module

Production Material Consumption

  • Production Costing Calculation
  • Provision For Pre Fixed Raw Material Assumption
  • For Preparation Each Ton of Finish Good
  • Easy To Setup Raw Wastage % Per Finish Goods Production
  • Auto Stock Deduct Based on Daily Finish Goods Production
  • Auto Finish Goods Add On Finish Good Stock

Note: There is Also Provision for Manually Adjust Raw Material from Stock by requisitions Voucher & also provision for Finish Goods adjustment.

Raw-stock Production Reports

  • Supervisor-wise Production Report
  • Monthly Production Report (Item & Date wise)
  • Raw Material Assumption (Each Ton)
  • Detail Raw Stock Report With Purchase Values
  • Costing of Daily Production (Actual Or Last Purchase Value Or Average)
Menu Architechture
Production Purposes
Standard Production
Offset Printing
Power Press
Round Tin
Plastic Container
Screen Print
Plastic Finishing
Stock Register
Hourly Production Report
Employee Efficiency Report
Production by Date
Production by Sections

Core Accounting System

    • Banks Info
    • 4 Steps Chart of Accounts (Group, Control, Sub-Accounts, Accounts Head)
    • Auto Head Selection By Voucher Particulars
    • Dual Entry Vouchering System
    • Voucher entry and Day Books
    • Voucher Approval
    • Voucher Cancellation Provision
    • Ledgers
  • Accounts Group
  • Control Accounts
  • Sub-Accounts
  • Accounts Head
  • Debtors Ledger
  • Creditors Ledger
  • Debtors & Creditors Summery
    • Auto Voucher entry from Other Financial Activities
    • Day Book (Daily Collection / Expenditure Summery)
    • Financial Statements
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Receipts & Payments
  • Income Statement
  • Cash-flow Statements
  • Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
    • Date-wise & Individual Voucher Report with canceled voucher
    • Net Position of Funds
Menu Architechture
Subsidiary Accounts
Control Accounts
Accounts Head Setup
Banks Setup
Bank Accounts
Data Entry
Voucher Entry
Voucher Edit
Chart of Accounts
Trial Balance
PL Account
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
A/C Group Ledger
Sub A/C Ledger
Control A/C Ledger
A/C Head Ledger
Cancelled Vouchers
Voucher by Date

Human Resources Management

  • Employee Designation Setup (For Admin, Supervisor, Worker etc.)
  • Working Hour/ Shift Setup
  • Employment Type for Fixed or work-based Salary (Casual & Permanent)
  • Employee Profile With Photo
  • Search Employee Data for Possible match with previous records
  • Rate/Salary Info for Casual & Permanent Employees
  • Auto Salary Generation upon Service/ Work (Daily/ Monthly)
  • Prepare Pay Slip & Salary Sheet Including Other Benefits
  • Payment to Employee (Salary, Advance, Convince etc.)
  • Daily Attendance Posting with Scheduling, Tasks & Status etc.
Employee Departments
Rules & Regulations
Duty Shifts
Employee Setup
Bonus Setup
Data Entry
Daily Attendance
Edit Employee Attendance
Monthly Attendance
Salary Processing
Bonus Processing
Pay to Employee
List of Employees
Salary Sheet
Employee Ledger
Attendance History
Employee Applications


Document Library
Search Doc Library
Address Book
Task Scheduler
Expense Heads
Complain Categories
Data Entry
Customer Queries
Customer Support
New Campaign
Email to Customer
Campaign Expenses

Facts Module

Price Declaration
Consumption Statistics
Print Impresion
Ink Consumption
Coating, Varnish, Sizeetc
Tin Sheet Measurement
Standard Height Spec.

Software Administration

Country Setup
City Setup
Company Info
Main Menu
Sub Menu
Form Settings
Notice & Messages
Post News to Scroll
Send Message to User
Edit News
All News Updates
Received Messages
Users & Security
Permission Level
Create Login Profile
User Permissions
Block User
Reset Password
User Login History
User Activity Log
Admin Reports
Important Documents
Data Backup