Centralized multi-branch campus management ERP software with academic, accounting, exam, live class. For University or any educational institute management.

Online University Management software features:

Centralized multi-branch campus management ERP software with features of academic, accounting, exam, live class etc. For University or any educational institute management. An advanced students management software with online-exam, live class, study materials, a multi-campus centralized management system for global education providers. 
  • Online Registration
  • Online Examination
  • Online course management
  • Online Class notes/video
  • Online Certifications
  • Online exam scheduling
  • Online Payment gateway
  • Advance attendance system
  • Online class attendance system
  • Unlimited User access
  • Automated email notification
  • Online Help Sessions
  • Tracking Activities
  • Activity Log Management
  • Advance Reporting features


Student Panel:

  • Dashboard
  • Recent news
  • Events & Calendar
  • Download & Upload Activities
  • User Profile
  • User Courses
  • Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Achievement/ Result
  • Activity Log ( Tracking activities)
  • Online Exam
  • Online Library
  • Complain
  • Required Material (Class notes & Videos)

Teacher Panel:

  • Dashboard
  • Messaging gateway
  • Leave Application
  • News & Event Reminder
  • Courses
  • Download & Upload History
  • User Profile
  • Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Exams
  • Materials (If required) (Class notes & Videos)
  • Salary Details

Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Courses
  • Examinations
  • Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Student Fees
  • Library
  • Download & Uploads
  • Import files
  • Export files
  • Accounts
  • HR (Salary)
  • Reports 
  • Activity Log (Students & Teachers)

        Features of University/ Campus Management Software 

1. Admission management: Apply in online from anywhere and get applicant ID for payment. Payment by mobile banking and download admit card.
2. Student enrollment: After admission test then institute publish admission result and select applicant to enrollment. Applicant get confirmation SMS and payment by mobile banking, after confirm payment then applicant automatically enroll as student. Easily promote student from one class to another class.
3. Class routine: Institute create class routine teacher & subject wise. Teacher all together or individual would be get his or her routine. Also student or guardian would be get his or her routine form online.
4. Class tutorial: Individual teacher could be take class tutorial and publish tutorial result on online. Any student or guardian could be collect tutorial result from online or via mobile SMS.
5. Exam routine with admit card: Institute create exam routine section & group wise. After create routine and approved student to get exam admit card then any student or guardian download admit card from online anytime.
6. Student result process: Institute just entry student roll & subject wise result then automatically calculate GPA & Grade. There is automatically generate merit position, result sheet, result card and tabulation sheet. Individual guardian get SMS of his or her son or daughter result. Student also get result from online anytime by his or her roll no. If any institute want to publish result with class test or continuous assessment (CA) then institute just input class test or CA mark, software automatically calculate GPA & Grade with class test or CA mark according to institute setup policy.
7. Student daily attendance: It would be from finger print device. There is no need to roll call in class room. That’s why class teacher have got much time to teach the student.
8. Student assignment management: Class teacher could be assign student assignment or home work on online. Student or guardian could be see and download the assignment. Any student could be upload as file or text his or her homework or assignment on online then class teacher automatically get and see the home work or assignment. Software will be notify the student when any assignment or homework from class teacher.
9. Daily class content management: Individual or all teacher together preserve individual subject class content like Audio, Video, word file, Image or multimedia class contest on online. Any teacher or student can search and download any previous or current class content according to his or her permission.
10. Form Fill up management: Set examinee type such as regular or irregular and more. Assign money regarding examinee type and subject wise. Select student whose are able to attend exam then student apply for form fill up. If paid assign money by mobile banking then his or her application would be count as valid registration and teacher print out registration form.
11. Stipend management: Student apply for stipend with necessary information then teacher select student depend on his or her information and proceed further.
12. Library management: Institute could be preserver all kind of books or magazine or any other publication soft copy on online. Also hard copy stock information. Liberian could be issue book to the teacher or student and return receive from teacher and student. There is option to include financial part such issue time and return date expire fine money and purchase book also more.
13. Lab management: Teacher or lab technician could be made lab routine and tracking student lab usage status. There is provision to assign lab apparatus such as computer or hardware with fixed time to student. Teacher or lab technician could be get lab usages status report.
14. E-competition
  • Institute select topic and competitor as a group or individual.
  • Institute declare competition & result date regarding topic
  • Create marking criteria and member as judge.
  • Competitor participate as a participant and entry or upload competition content as text, word, audio, video and image file within due date.
  • Individual marking member or judge marking individual participant regarding topic criteria.
  • After that merit position or rating sheet automatically generate
15. E-tutor: It is like as virtual tutor. A class teacher, private teacher or guardian like (Father, Mother and also other members) play rule a virtual teacher. Suppose father has lived in any remote place, he could be teach or monitor his son or daughter as a virtual teacher.
  • Make syllabus regarding subject, semester or exam wise
  • Make daily routine (subject wise in time interval)
  • Assign work according to routine iv Tutor solved student problem
  • Take exam by daily, weekly, monthly and also more like online test
  • Evaluate and take decision basis on various report at regular interval
16. Communicate with each other friends, teacher & guardian using chat option like media corner
17. SMS send for various purpose such as (present or absent, result , call guardian meeting, committee meeting and also more )
18. Working Staff and vacancy information.
19. Current Teachers Profile management with smoothly searching option that way you can find a current and previous Teachers information easy and smoothly with picture.
20. 3rd and 4thEmployees Profile management with picture.
21. Attendance management of Teachers, Others Employees and Students and show report such as (late, early in, early out and class/working hours etc.).
22. Teacher diary (Teacher or Staff Activity Log): A teacher would be assign any work to any individual or group teacher with duration. When the assign work is done or half done or not yet done then he or she changed the work status with justification to assigned teacher. That means a teacher or institute head always look after the work that assigned task is done or not. It would be work like teacher diary.
23. Tour management: Apply to authority to approve for tour with destination and estimated cost. If authority approve the application then he or she could be go to tour then tour time would be count as on tour in attendance. After come back from tour he or she update tour details with cost then it would be auto voucher in Accounts & Finance.
24. Training management: Apply to authority with selected training topic and venue to approve. If authority approve the application then he or she could be attend the training then training time would be count as on training in attendance. Also it would be add his or her profile as experience automatically.
25. Movement (Tracking) management of Teacher, Staff & Student: It is real time tracking system a Teacher, Staff or Student. A student when In or Out of institute then he punch in Finger Print Device or carry a Device. We collect real time data from Finger Print Device or carry able Device and report the teacher or guardian of current presence condition of the student via online or SMS.
26. Opinion (Suggestion or Complain) management of Teacher, Staff & Student: A teacher could be share his or her opinion to with his or her colleague or institute head in real-time. Colleague or institute head could be reply or taken measure regarding opinion. Also a student or guardian could be share his or her opinion with institute head and he or she could be reply regarding the student or guardian opinion. Every individual could be seen the opinion report. It would be work like email system.
27. Leave Management (Teacher, Staff & Student)
  • Type of Leave
  • Leave Application submission
  • Leave Application Approval by the authorized person.
  • Leave Adjustment (if in case of taken more than/less of approved leave).
  • Leave balance report
  • Student leave application and authorization
28. Salary sheet generate and approval by authorized person. It would be generated automatically regarding institute or government policy. Here is seen how many days a teacher or staff is present or absent or leave. There is chance to deduct salary if any one absent or late in or early hour.
29. Accounts Management
  • Manage of all Current & Non-Current Asset related accounting of the Organization.
  • Manage of all Bank related transaction. If exist any Bank loan it will be managed.
  • Manage of all source of funding (such as donor) and others Income and their accounting of the Organization.
  • Manage of all type of Direct & Indirect Expense of the Organization.
  • All Types of Voucher (Receipt, Payment & Journal)
  • Daily Cash Book vii General Ledger viii Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
30. Inventory Management
  • Item information which is purchase for use in Organization such as (Paper, pen and also more)
  • Supplier information with supplier ledger
  • Purchase details of Item with Purchase ledger iv Return details of Item regarding Purchase
  • Issue Item for use in the Organization to individual Teacher or Others vi Stock report of Item with Issue History
31. Website control panel.
  • Create user
  • Control user permission
  • Others


32. Collection Student fees using Mobile Banking (if there exist available online Bank). Already we are using SureCash smoothly.

  1. We have another Software not built-in software with device (which is called Windows Service) is used for transfer data from finger print device to Server which data is shown in Website. There is no need any human interaction.
  2. E-Competition System such as (Easy writing, Debate etc.) and e-Tutor which is work as like as private tutor. A teacher or guardian and private tutor paly role as e-tutor from remotely which is called tele- education.
  3. We would be provide another software to District Commissioner which is help all kinds of relevant person to monitoring various matter such as (Institute Attendance, Academic activities, Other curriculum activities and also more) centrally.


33. Price:

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