Comprehensive prescription software for Endocrinology specialist physicians & diabetes doctors.

Software for Endocrinology specialist physicians & diabetes doctors

Super easy to learn + Brilliant in the analysis. EMR with the most comprehensive software for Endocrinology Clinics.
EMR Made for Endocrinology
Specialized EMR Case sheets for Diabetes Type I, Diabetes Type II, Pre Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes. Comprehensive History taking for Diabetes Mellitus (and Thyroid) with particular attention to Family History of Diabetes.
Patient advice on Diet and Nutrition, Lifestyle Changes, Self Monitoring, along with education on Hypoglycemia, Insulin Injection, and Foot-Care.
Executive Medical Summary
1-page Patient Medical Summary, which highlights automatically key bits of the Patient's chart. You can now know the Patient’s Past Medical history, Family History, Key Vital Trends, Current Treatment Plans, and Important Investigations, without turning a single page, or a single click. Prepare for Patient visits at one glance.
An exhaustive compilation of EMR controls CC, HPI, ROS, Vitals, General Examination, Systemic Examination, Advice, PMH, Medical History, Social History, Family History, Surgical History and more. But what makes this different from anything else you have seen? Every aspect of these EMR sections, including the structure and data, is completely flexible to the Specialty and Doctor’s preference. The best part is it all comes preconfigured for you along with a Support Specialist.
Revolutionary in Design
Our Case Sheets Technology will convert all your paper-based forms into EMR digital sheets. You need not to worry about learning new software. Just carry on working in PrescribeRx just the way you used to work on paper. The only difference is, that things will now move much faster at your Clinic.
Follow-up Visits
Intelligent Recalls and follow-ups that auto-creates appointments in your Calendar sends a confirmation to the Patient, and reminds the Patient to turn up on the day of the appointment.