PrescribeRx for Urology Doctor

With the PrescribeRx you will get Urology EHR, Urologists can see a large volume of patients with bladder, urethra, ureter, kidney and adrenal gland issues while treating and documenting disorders related to the epididymis, penis, prostate, seminal vesicles and testes.


As a template-free EHR, PrescribeRx enables physicians to practice medicine based on their own individual style while constantly refining their approach to medicine and eliminating medical error. This allows physicians to practice smarter and higher quality medicine and lowers physician stress. Praxis is the top rated EHR for Urology and is customizable to a personalized Urology workflow, which means improved efficiency in all aspects of the Urology medical practice.


The latest Medscape's survey found that 42% of practicing physicians report physician burnout; of those working in Urology, the burnout rate was an alarming 54%, the nation's highest. Urologists report strenuous hours seeing large volumes of patients coupled with long hours in front of their computer documenting visits. Therefore, it is more critical than ever that today's Urologists use an EHR that is fast, easy and able to handle all the surgical and non-surgical treatments of urological disorders and diseases.


PrescribeRx is the Best EHR for urology medicine based on an AI engine that learns from each physician and gets progressively faster and smarter. With Praxis, the #1 rated Urology EHR, physicians can streamline Urology procedures.