Electronic health records EHR software using by general surgery specialists & medical surgeons. Best EMR practice management software & computerized prescription system in Bangladesh.

EHR Management & Prescription writing Software in Bangladesh

Extreme Solutions brings you best Surgery EHR software solutions known for their ease of use and functional features - from the highest-rated vendors on the market in Bangladesh. We know that your Prescription writing software needs are different from the typical physician practice, and an Operation history & Treatment notes, Where PrescribeRX for specific Surgery version will allow you to improve office functioning, increase revenue, and provide a higher standard of patient care.



PrescribeRX Features

  • Daily Serial Entry with Appointment Card
  • Admission for visiting Doctors (Direct or from serial)
  • Patients Appointment Schedule Report
  • Patients Searching in Software Dashboard
  • Edit-Delete provision for any records
  • Printing old Prescriptions
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly List of Patients and collected amounts
  • Disease profile,
  • Patients search and preview.
  • Drug Directory
  • Drug Details
  • Search Drugs
  • Drugs by Brands
  • Drugs by Generics
  • Drugs by Classes
  • Drugs by Conditions.
  • Advance search
  • Generic Name editor
  • Literature for Generic Names, showing dosage, indication, side effects etc.
  • Prescription can be Export to other formats or Email to your Patients.
  • Different Statistical Reports


PrescribeRX Surgery version special Features:


  • Operation Note
  • Advance Prescription (Includes Operation Features)
  • Before operation Treatment note
  • After operation Treatment Note
  • Operation Procedure Setup (Once)
  • Treatment Procedure Setup (Once)


Specially Customized for the Surgeon:

Surgeons will find patient education handouts, links to patient’s clinical records, drug databases, and information to evaluate quality and cost of care, and many other critical features for your General Surgery practice. All our specific PrescribeRX include many custom templates for history of present illness, complaints, review of systems, medication prescribing, and CPT coding.


PrescribeRX with the Patient in Mind

The Surgeon needs a certain level of compassion when it comes to dealing with your patients. Not only do you need to know the patient's complete medical history - in addition, a physician should be able to understand and relate to what his or her patients are going through.

PrescribeRX can assist surgeons in improving the quality of care being provided as well as assist the surgeon in building solid relationships with his patients.


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Many more experts’ surgeons’ worked with us to develop the ultimate specific Surgery version the best Surgery Prescription Software. Let us guide you through the maze and bring you the best solutions for your practice.


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